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64in. SMART Board w/ Unifi 35 Projector
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SMART Board 660i
64in. SMART Board w/ Unifi 35 Projector
SMART Board 660

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Pricing for SB660i
Discontinued - replaced by SMART SB660i5
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SmartBoards in Action
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Features vary by model

  • 64 in. Diagonal Work Surface
  • Integrated wall-mounted XGA (1024 x 768) projector
  • Vikuiti Super Close Projection technology
  • Dual 20-watt, stereo-amplified speakers
  • Launch the Unifi on-screen interface and control projector power and volume from the pen tray
  • Expansion slot for future hardware upgrades such as a projector-control button
  • Accessories include an improved floor stand and new USB speakers
  • Native USB


The SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system combines two products – a SMART Board interactive whiteboard and the Unifi projector with an integrated audio system – into one easy-to-use and easy-to-install package.

The 600i interactive whiteboard system gives you the freedom and flexibility to focus everyone’s attention, without worrying how to manage your multimedia technology. And because it’s developed, designed and distributed by SMART Technologies Inc., you know anyone can use it, whatever their level of experience.


Easy to use
Access projector and audio controls from one location. Walk up and write over video, even without a connected computer.

Easy to install
The Unifi projector mounts directly above the interactive whiteboard – no complicated wiring or ceiling-mounting is required.

Easy to buy
Get a complete interactive whiteboard system, in one package, from one manufacturer – SMART, the global education market leader in interactive whiteboards.


  • Unifi projector
    An integrated wall-mounted XGA (1024 x 768) projector featuring Vikuiti Super Close Projection technology. A locking mount secures it in place.
  • Audio system
    Control the two 20-watt, stereo-amplified speakers from the pen tray.
  • Control module
    Launch the Unifi on-screen interface and control projector power and volume from the pen tray.
  • Unifi on-screen interface
    Select projector sources, adjust projector settings and access help screen all from the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.
  • Connection panel
    Easily connect computer, VCR, document camera, DVD player or other peripherals.
  • Write over any source
    Pick up a pen and write over any source, including video.
  • Warranty
    Get a two-year warranty on the Unifi projector, and a 90-day or 500-hour warranty on the lamp. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard has a two year standard warranty and a five-year warranty upon product registration.
  • Notebook software
    Create, organize and save notes, drawings and screen captures. Search the Gallery for thousands of free images and templates, interactive and educational content. Learn more about SMART Board software.
  • SMART Board tools
    Expand the flexibility of your SMART Board brand product. Type with the On-Screen Keyboard, connect networked computers with LinQ software, or highlight materials with the Spotlight or Magnifier tools.


When will this product be available?
The first 600i interactive whiteboard systems will ship in fall of 2006.
Can I connect multiple inputs to a 600i?
Yes. You can connect different inputs to the 600i, and then switch among them. Those inputs can include any of the following:
  • Computer
  • DVD
  • VCR
  • Document camera
How do I switch inputs on a 600i?
To change inputs, simply push the menu button located on the pen tray. A dialog box will pop up and allow you to choose between the connected sources.
You don’t have to worry about coordinating different audio or video inputs when you change input sources. When you switch sources you switch both the video and audio together.
You can also control the volume from the SMART Pen Tray.
Does the 600i come with software?
Yes. The award-winning SMART Board software suite includes Notebook whiteboarding software, flexible tools and content designed specifically for educators, included at no additional cost. Unlimited installs, free upgrades and a take-home version also come as standard features.
Do I need to use a computer with the 600i?
The 600i system can operate without being connected to a computer, so users can take notes on the interactive whiteboard or write over an image or video from an external source like a document camera or DVD. To save their work, users simply plug in a USB key and save the file as a .pdf, a .jpg or .notebook file.
How do I turn it on?
The power for the whole unit is controlled from the single power button located on the control module. A lighted ring around the power button shows the projector status.
Where are the volume controls?
There is a volume knob located on the control module on the SMART Pen Tray that controls the volume of any input, such as computer or DVD player.
How do I access the on-screen interface?
You can access the projector controls through the menu button, which is located on the control module. Pushing the menu button launches an on-screen interface.
Can I write over video?
Yes. You can write over video or any input that is connected to the system through the connection panel. You can save your notes to a USB storage device.
Where do I run the cables?
You can simply run the cable connecting the Unifi projector behind the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. You do not have to run any cables through a wall or ceiling.
A cable cover is located between the top of the board and the base of the Unifi projector, giving the installed system a tidy appearance.
How often do I have to orient the board?
Once the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and Unifi projector are properly installed, you should only have to orient the board once. You will have to re-orient the unit only if there has been a major shift in the equipment placement.
How do I install the Unifi projector over the SMART Board interactive whiteboard?
The 600i comes with a mounting template and wall-mount brackets. The included instructions take you through the process step by step.
How many boxes are shipped with the 600i?
Two – one for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and one for the Unifi projector.
What is the warranty?
SMART Board interactive whiteboard comes with a standard two-year warranty, upgrading to five years upon product registration. The Unifi projector has a two-year warranty. The projector lamp has a 90-day or 500-hour warranty.
Can I use it with a floor stand?
No. The 600i system is designed to be used mounted to a wall.

Models, Options, & Accessories
Pricing Summary

Model Description List Price Sale Price
SB660i 64" SMART Board w/ Unifi projector - Discontinued - replaced by SMART SB660i5
Model Accessories List Price Sale Price
CCJ660 Please call or email us for pricing and availability.
93-00507-00 Please call or email us for pricing and availability.
USB-XT Please call or email us for pricing and availability.
20-00653 Please call or email us for pricing and availability.
STYF-005-00 Please call or email us for pricing and availability.
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