Ergotron 33-415-062 - Weight Capacity: 16 LBS, Color: White

WorkFit-SR, 1 Monitor, (white). Built with Anthro DNA.

  • This model is optimized to accommodate a single, lighter display
  • Premium aesthetics and sturdy construction: all-aluminum worksurface, bow and pivots
  • Worksurface/keyboard tray stays on top of the desktop, never intruding into your space
  • Screens tilt to your preferred angle and the deep worksurface lets you place the keyboard where you want it, controlling focal distance
  • Configuration flexibility makes WorkFit-SR well suited to taller users: worksurface can lift higher than other WorkFit models; monitor pivots can be installed at tall-user heights
  • Spacious worksurface accommodates any keyboard and mousing device with plenty of room for other desktop items
  • Internal cable management hides cord clutter; includes pre-installed USB cable for easy connectivity
  • Five-year warranty: tested and guaranteed! Proven lift technology is reliable through thousands of adjustment cycles
  • Ergotron_made-in-usa
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